Poltio Web SDK Javascript API

If you are planning to use Poltio Widgets on your site, you can add additional features by using our Javascript SDK. By default, widget.js will find poltio div in your html markup and converts it to an iframe code. By using our SDK, you can have our widget.js update the height of the iframe based on the content or you can load content based on the page url dynamically.


    <div class="poltio-widget" data-content="XXX"></div>



Webhooks allows you to share widget actions realtime in json format to connect with other applications.

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Sheethooks allows you to connect a Google Sheet with your content to get user interactions in realtime

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PixelCodes allows you to share Widget events with external systems via javascript, iframe or image pixels real time. (Eg: Facebook Pixel, GTM, etc...)

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Google Tag Manager

Recieve your users realtime interactions with Poltio Widgets on your Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics

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Floating Slideover Widget

Poltio Floating Slideover Widget helps you go online with Poltio Widgets faster by eliminating the task for you to design a place where Poltio Widgets appear in your web page.

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