Leads on Poltio Widgets allows you to display extra information or content, collect personal information or redirect to different Poltio contents or any other pages/screens.

Types of Leads on Poltio

With a Lead you can;

  • Collect personal information like phones, emails or free text inputs
  • Display feedback with images, youtube videos or text fields
  • Display discount coupon codes
  • Display links to other Poltio contents, any web link or deep link within your application.

Lead Triggers

You can trigger leads on Poltio Widget actions:

  • Start session
  • Vote for a specific answer
  • Result View for all results or specific result.

Lead Delay Options

You can customize 2 timings for how Leads appear in the Widget flow;

Result Leads Opening Animation Delay:

This delay period starts as soon as the user sees the result screen. The time here is in milliseconds (ms = second * 1000). Default delay is 1000 ms. example: (https://www.poltio.com/widget/your-content-id?result_lead_delay=3000)

Auto Redirect Delay

If you choose the option for auto redirect, you can adjust how long we wait before redirecting the page to the link. Default delay is 2500 ms.

You can adjust this on the Lead form from platform: